Some people say that the employment prospects of theory are not good, what do you think?

What other choices do you have to do directly in the legal profession? Can people come over to answer in detail?

5 thoughts on “Some people say that the employment prospects of theory are not good, what do you think?”

  1. As a legal student, employment is always a more severe issue. I know this very well.
    , but I think that the problem of employment of law is not a professional issue itself, but because of the excessive graduates and the saturation of the employment market. As far as the major of law is concerned, it is not only in the red zone of employment, but also has a wide range of employment. I know below, and briefly introduce it for everyone.
    1. Lawyer legal affairs. The problem has been mentioned. The "old industry" of law students went to such a post after graduation. You can be a lawyer or enter the public prosecution law. Lawyers are hard, but if they have a certain ability, their income will be quite high, and the time is relatively free. The public prosecution law is the editor, and it is very good to mix a cadre official position or something. Looking at the world, there are quite a lot of senior leadership of the country and region.
    The gold medal lawyer is often the key to the case.
    2. College teachers. This position seems to be more "golden oil" ... After all, any major needs a teacher to teach. Moreover, as a social science, law also has a strong theoretical, and it is not impossible to study. The university teacher has a certain social status, which is relatively easy, and there are two holidays a year! But now the teacher is not so good. At least I have to read a doctor and half of my hair, so I am qualified to be a teacher. In fact, I know that most of the teachers have considerable practical experience or practice and teaching and research (such as a teacher at the same time as a lawyer). This can not only increase income, and practical experience will also help your teaching research.
    The picture shows Wang Zejian, a big man in Taiwan, and has been taught at the Law Department of Taiwan University for a long time. It is also a model of the "Judge" of the "Justice Court" in Taiwan. It is a model of combining teaching practice.
    3. Enterprise legal affairs. The trend of rule of law in today's society is becoming increasingly apparent, and corporate operations should deal with laws everywhere. This requires professionals in this area to help. If you can enter some large enterprises as legal affairs, you usually receive wages. Once you receive the case, you can pay it according to the case, and the greater the amount, the more paid. Think about it, can the amount of large enterprises be low? It is even possible for a case to pay for you for one year. So who said that learning the Fa would be hungry? As long as you are excellent enough, making money is simply so easy. Of course, the premise is that you have to be good enough.
    The above is some of my views. Although the law of the Ministry of Education has been scratched by the Ministry of Education, as long as you can stand out and prove your strength, then the bright future is waiting for you to step on. I wish all law colleagues in the future.

  2. The employment prospects of online law are not good. This statement does have a certain reason, because the number of legal graduates has increased in recent years, but as far as law is concerned, as long as other majors, as long as they have the ability, they are not afraid to find a job.
    I. As a student at school, there are indeed considerations of this problem. There are very few employment directions of legal majors. In addition to the lawyers and legal affairs mentioned in the question, there are two choices. College teachers
    It is basically impossible to apply for a university professor directly if you want to graduate from undergraduate. Of course, in addition to some three or colleges or colleges, you must have a graduate degree and doctoral degree. College professors are relatively leisurely and less stressful, but if the 985 or 211 universities are better, the scientific research pressure and teaching pressure of the professor are still relatively large. College teachers are relatively leisurely. Such capable people can also work part -time lawyers, and can add a little income after teaching, but this depends on personal ability.
    . Civil servants
    The participation in the civil service examination to enter the public prosecution law is also a good choice, but in recent years, civil servants have a lot of competition, and the requirements for selection have also been improved. The country's "iron rice bowl" is not so easy , Especially since entering the new era, the state has attached more attention to the construction of legal systems and the fairness of the cases. The civil servants' civil servants have relatively high treatment, especially judges. In order to ensure judicial justice, the state is gradually improving the treatment of judges. In addition, the public prosecution department, such as the court and the procuratorate, each of the departments, and the departments have their duties. Compared with other government departments, they have stronger professionalism, more stable work, and more systemic regulations. The work is relatively easy to work, legal affairs, etc. If it is to pursue stability, going to the public prosecution law is a good choice.
    In short, there are still a lot of employment directions that law can choose. It mainly depends on your own situation. What kind of life wants to pursue, there are lawyers who can get up early and greedy. Select according to your ability.

  3. I am Beijing, 211, and the two degrees of law in law.
    This in the title is not good, I think it makes sense. Because at present, the market for legal talents is relatively saturated, and there are relatively few ordinary talents in the market. (At present, the gap in the top talent of law is still very large.) In addition to lawyers and legal work, you can do it. What, I will give a few examples I know.
    The first: college teacher. When a university teacher has a high social status and a relatively high degree of education, at least a doctoral degree in a university teacher at a college in Beijing. The salary of this job may not be very high, but when the teacher's benefits are very good, if you are in Beijing, you can get a Beijing account. If the school is more rich, you may still separate the house. And the connections will be wider, and students are always willing to help their teachers.
    The second: civil servant. This civil servant is about the work of judges but not limited to judges. If you have studied law majors, you do n’t have to engage in law. If a law of law graduates from a law, you still have a lot of choices. child.
    The third: the law firm and legal affairs in the topic. This is the way out after graduating from legal students. A good lawyer can enter a million annual, more ordinary lawyers can barely, and even a little lawyer may not be able to receive the case, and even the money he lives in daily life cannot be earned. This is the difference in differentiation. Therefore, everyone takes advantage of time to improve their ability.
    In all, at present, the employment prospects of all majors cannot be said to be completely good. In other words, there are risks to what major you learn and what jobs are engaged in, so don't blindly listen to the opinions on the Internet and the ideas of others. You still have to try it yourself to know whether you are suitable for this work and professionalism.

  4. I do n’t agree with the poor employment prospects of law. Although the employment rate of law is indeed relatively low compared to other majors, it will be more hard when I first enter the job, but this does not mean it is good. When the teacher met with the entire law school, although the law -related occupation was low in salary when he first entered the industry, through the follow -up survey of the graduates of the law school, most people after five years later They are relatively satisfactory.
    And my country is building a rule of law in the rule of law. The legal awareness of the masses is gradually increasing. The demand for legal professional workers is very large. With the gradual advancement of legalization, this demand will only increase. We should not make such arbitrary comments from the overall employment rate.
    Many people mentioned that the major of law, and felt that it was either a lawyer or a law, and the employment direction was very narrow.
    1. Work in public officials
    I engage in legal work in public security organs, procuratorates, and courts. The Import and Export Animal Quarantine Bureau, Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, Prison Management Department, etc., usually require corresponding legal education backgrounds when recruiting.
    2. The audit department
    The audit practitioners are born in economic law and civil and commercial law. Students of law majors have significant advantages in their employment in audit positions because they are proficient in economic law and tax law. The great favor is that the salary is relatively high in securities transactions.

    3, legal propaganda
    mainly work in the legal system of major TV stations such as the "Legal Daily" and the statement of today's statement and the statement.

  5. At any time, from the perspective of learning to analyze the quality of employment prospects, it is actually unscientific. Because, there are also students who are not well studied (also considering graduation colleges), and unpopular majors, there are also opportunities to work. It can even be said that sometimes it is unpopular, but the employment prospects are better.
    Let's talk about the major of theory first. In fact, the law major is a university department. It can still be divided into many categories. Today I just consider it from a comprehensive perspective.
    . In the past, the law of law is also a popular major, and even the fragrant citron recognized as a "iron rice bowl". After being admitted to the law of law, it means that I have obtained the iron rice bowl and entered the public prosecution law. Civil servants.

    but with the surge in the jurisprudence graduates (many colleges and universities have added legal majors) and the saturation of the personnel of public prosecutors' units, the jurisprudence is once considered a group of difficult employment, even if Some of your famous universities have to face cruel competition. For example, Wuhan University has broke the problem of difficulty in employment of master's degree graduates. This is still the case, let alone undergraduate students.
    . Not to mention, even if he graduated, he could not reach the threshold for employment even if he graduated. Because, even if you are "professional countermeasures", you still need to pass the national judicial examination. How difficult the judicial examination is, people in the industry know (of course, the difficulty has been reduced in recent years). But no matter if it is difficult, everyone must face the same problem, that is, the problem of more monks and less porridge. If you want to pass the level, you have to take a step in the competition.
    of course, you can also consider to be a lawyer without considering the public unit. However, the stress and difficulties they are facing are relatively more. Even more, most graduates, even if they have passed the judicial examination, are at most an internship lawyer, and the income is not guaranteed in a short period of time. In this line, connections and qualifications are a very important part. Obviously, graduates do not have these advantages.
    The other positions are relatively broad. Most companies have legal departments, and they are also very strong for related talents. However, they also value the capital and contacts. have.
    It, in a few years, a large number of across professional legal graduates have been poured into the talent market, because they are facing employment difficulties and the pressure of economy, they have to choose other industries.
    The students around the editor are the case. However, it does not mean that the law of law has entered the ice period, and the editor also said at the beginning that everything is relative. If you are in this major, you don't have to worry about these situations. The chance of entering the Public Prosecution Law is even greater than other majors.
    or in other words, your grades make you less confident, and you don't have to worry too much. As long as you can bear your temperament, take root in this industry, slowly accumulate experience, survive the difficult things in this paragraph, and then develop the maker. The opportunity is also greater.
    is also an example around them. Although those who transfer to career are worry -free, compared to those graduates who have always adhered to the front line of law, development space is obviously much larger. Many people I know, although it seems a bit lonely or even down in the first few years of graduation, but now it is either a barrister or a pivotal law of the public prosecution law.
    So how to choose depends on your personal efforts.
    The picture comes from the Internet, invading deletion.

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