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  1. The Royal War A8 Card Group Royal War A8 Black Prince Wild Pig Card Group, the editor of the iron bone network will take everyone to understand the latest and most complete and most complete and most complete guide of the Royal War Group Royal War A8 Black Prince Wild Pig News information, let's take a look together ~
    Foreign players "" is to want a set of black prince wild boars to play A8 from the A7. The following editors bring you the experience of this set of decks.
    The card group is matched with

    Single card analysis
    Electric shock spells: After being weakened, small power is still a very flexible 2 holy water spell, which can cause damage and 0.5 seconds of dizziness. You can use it to cause one or two more damage to the wild boar knight, or use it to point out the weak troops, such as Goblin and the undead. It can also be used to change the goal of the Royal Giant, or recharge the electromagnetic cannon.
    Blite method: You should only use it to defend. It is a unit with a low amount of sputtering damage in medium blood, which can be empty and decelerate forces. Although you are not strong, you can fight a very stable defense with the tower and/or other troops of hell, and then start to fight back.
    Hell tower: core of defense. It can cause a lot of damage to a single goal over time, and easily destroy a combination of pickup card superman, twin princes and giants.
    The flame elves: These little guys are very agile and can have many usage. You can put them in front of the undead army/barbarians to make you earn holy water in the exchange. You can also use it with a wild boar knight to prevent opponents from using fragile troops (such as the undead army) to solve the wild boar. For the defense of the barbaric, the fire elf cannot kill them, but it can be used with electric shock spells.
    Wild pig knights: The killer of this deck can attack the city to make the opponent crazy. Wild pig knights can output a lot of damage, but as little as possible to charge it alone. You can follow the footsteps with the flame elf or Goblin. If the opponent puts down a large tank unit (such as a giant) or a medium -sized blood volume unit (firearr) in the rear, this shows that they have begun to organize a wave of strong progress. If you have a wild pig and push pig, you send them all the way. This will destroy the opponent's advance, because the opponent needs to use the holy water to guard the tower, so his offense is easier to resist.
    Sweight armor: Three holy water, high output, flying small tank. It is a unit that you should mainly use to defend and then push back. It can provide a temporary shield for your troops and let them reach the tower. You should not use it to solve the tank, but should be used to solve the support unit behind the tank. If there is only one, the heavy armor is enough. If it is a vote (such as a gunman, a mage, a witch), then you need to copy it behind. Use heavy armor undead to defend and attract firepower, and then use high output units (such as flame elf) to kill the support forces behind.
    Dark prince: This card is very suitable for this deck. It is a weakened version of the prince that can output range damage. When it charge, it can cause damage at 360 degrees around it like a female martial arts god, which is doubled. You can compare its data with Baby Feilong, and the latter's life and damage are higher. But the Dark Prince is more flexible, both offensive and defensive.
    The defensive end, its damage is low, and it can absorb a little enemy firepower, so you can use it to put it out to let the enveloped team cut off the support of the opponent. Do not use it as the main combat unit. It has very low damage to the tower and has no effect. But you can use it to support it to break the line of defense for the Wild Pig Knight. Its armor allows itself not to be killed by a pickup superman.
    Goblin: Excellent Goblin. They are three troops created by the two holy water, and they run quickly. On the defensive end, if there is no hell tower in your hand, you can use them to eat the enemy's meat shield. They can also be used to kill the enemy's support forces, of course, they can't cope with the baby Dragon and the female martial arts. They can also be used to attract slow or skin -thick offensive troops, kill them after flying kite, and earn the advantages of holy water. For troops with sputtering damage, you want Goblin to surround it. Goblin's high output will disintegrate these units. They can also launch an offense with fast speed and exaggerated DPS.
    The alternative:
    Ber prince change method: Prince's attack range is large, but the offensive speed is slow. It can be used to defend, but it is more suitable for offense. Use it to initiate charge from a distance to cause damage to the enemy tower, forcing the opponent to use holy water to defend. It can also support from the rear support with high attack power and enough attack distance.
    The archer's ice change method: archers are the powerful support units of the Three Holy Water. Some units can take away Goblin (Valkyrie, Flying Dragon Baby, Bythlete, etc.), but the archers will survive, so they are very effective on the defensive end. Their damage output has also passed, and they can be advanced with the large troops. You can let the archers separate defensive, and this technology will make the archer a strong defensive unit.
    The undead to the undead: the same cost, but the undead is three troops, and the total damage is slightly higher than that of the heavy armor. They move faster, so they are better at attacking. However, if you use them to defend, they will be afraid of the arrows and other straight injury spells, so be careful.
    Mi -pickup to change heavy armor: they are similar in many places. The main point is that they are all harmful but fragile. Mini pickup is a ground force, fast movement speed, very high attack power also allows it to chop the thick tank, or quickly destroy the enemy's backup.
    The Valkyrie to Dark Prince: Better Meat Shield, higher damage, but the movement speed is slow and there is no shield. You can put it in the middle of the enemy, destroy the enemy around you, or attract the attention of the enemy. If you use it to advance, put it in front of the wild boar knight, the wild boar will push the female martial arts to run, so that it will reach the weapon in the hand faster to reach the tower.

    This thinking
    This is expected to cause scattered damage. Wild pig knights are not fat balls with the dark prince. This combination is not a killing trick, but it can let you eat the blood volume of many towers. Continue to do so until you push down a tower, or then continue to attack or start defense. This deck is mainly afraid of house flow.
    The cooperation between troops:
    Wild pig knights flame elf: wild boar knight push the tower, flame elf kills the enemy's small troops used to defend, they can also cause defense buildings outside the bomb tower Extra damage.
    Wild pig knights Goblin: Goblin's high attack power can help wild boars well.
    Wild pig knights Dark Prince: The Dark Prince flattened the small troops, and the wild boar knight was used to push the tower. Even if the Dark Prince was dispersed, the wild boar knight could hit the tower several times.
    The ice method heavy armor undead: The ice method can make the heavy armor undead from being beaten to death.
    The ice method hell tower: Ice method can decelerate the offensive unit, allowing your hell tower to cause more harm before being destroyed.
    MST threats:
    giant electromagnetic cannon: placed the hell tower in the four grids of Lihe, tower three grids. The movement should be faster, and the tower of hell will melt the giant. Then small electricity destroys the charging of the electromagnetic gun, and then surrounds the electromagnetic gun with Goblin to destroy it and earn holy water in the exchange.
    Ice pigs: If you know that your opponent uses ice pigs, you have always kept two defensive units. If one of them is frozen, then use the other to kill the wild boar knight (for example, get out of Goblin first, and then out of the heavy armor).
    Proca Superman Double Prince: This is difficult. If your opponent puts the pickup superman behind the king tower, then either you also put the ice method behind the king tower, or place the hell tower in the four grids of Lihe, the tower three grids. Once the opponent assaults, he puts down the heavy armor, because these units cannot be over. Bingfa will fight for time for the tower of hell and heavy armor. You can also use Goblin/Dark Prince to disperse their attention before they reach the tower.
    or you can initiate the advancement of the Wild Pig Knight on the other side. However, the enemy can supplement the troops to pursue a three -crowned victory, so this approach is high, but there are also high risks.
    Ser drug giant: If you know that your opponent uses poison spells, then predict the scope of poison and spells during defense and place the troops outside this range. Your heavy armor and ice method should be able to stand up to the poison. After that, you should use the Tower of Hell to unlock the opponent's tank. Try to avoid poison.
    Miner flow: Goblin has been left in his hand. You can predict the position of the miner and use Goblin to surround it to reduce the output damage of the miners. The troops behind the miners can be dragged well by the ice method.
    The house flow: To be honest, you should try to flatten. These decks are difficult to play, especially when the opponents use violent spells. Once the opponent puts down the hut, it will be advanced from the other side, because the opponent will not be left too much for the sanctuary used for defense. Especially when dealing with the barbaric hut. Pursuing harm to the enemy tower at all times, but if you find that it is too difficult to do this, you will expect to be flattened.

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