Our company needs to recruit graphic designers, but I ca n’t recruit suitable candidates. Why?

4 thoughts on “Our company needs to recruit graphic designers, but I ca n’t recruit suitable candidates. Why?”

  1. To learn graphic design
    , become an excellent graphic designer
    The first is talent
    and then the effort to give n to have a favorite of painting
    Observe the things around, so as to find inspiration for yourself
    Coltically collect more information:
    , the work of the world professional designer.
    The leaflets, posters and so on!
    the more you see, the more you learn. Essence
    The faster progress! Intersection

    Except for your own qualifications
    This is also important to the tools!
    Ifen beginners generally learn Photoshop and CorelDraw
    This two software are the basis of graphic design!

    The learning method is also important!
    The person who feels that there is no need to buy a book tutorial,
    as long as you have a computer at home, you can learn it yourself!
    icated to find information online and find tutorials.
    Igly when I recommend learning PHOTOSHOP, find more instance tutorials
    Because if you look at the first tutorial, you can slowly learn step by step. 1:
    The first tutorial tutorial to teach you to learn the usage of each tool,
    This one step, you do one step
    Is it essential?
    The more annoying you will feel!
    Because you can't remember the functions of the left and right at once, you forget to find the
    troubles you have learned before! Intersection

    But your learning instance tutorial is different
    All software tools are explored by yourself
    only after you explore, you will really remember it!
    but this must be a bit patient
    I believe you can do it!

    . As for the learning method of CorelDRAW, it is similar to Photoshop!

    It, etc. After being familiar with these two softwares
    (Note: I am familiar with the situation of proficiency)

    to learn other software
    Plane designers are divided into many roads
    not just advertising design is graphic design!

    The graphic design is divided into:
    In advertising design
    building design
    game design
    Video special effects design

    It to learn the necessary software to learn the necessary software
    Personally think
    (Flash, Photoshop, CorelDraw, 3DMAX) n These are more practical! Intersection

    I wish you good luck! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

  2. This is the case. The salary setting of your company is unreasonable, and the trial period and the rotation are quite different. Most people think that there may not be so much money, or it may not be able to turn right after turning right, so it is considered at a salary of 3,000.
    The can accept 3,000 salary and accept overtime, naturally some newcomers, fresh graduates, etc., may not meet the requirements of your company.
    Needless to say, 3000 cannot be obtained. Paradigo, or 3,000 for a leisure, refusing to work overtime, or thinking that your ability has a strong salary, he should get higher salary.
    This summary, the main building reduces the requirements or increase the salary, such as the 5000 bonus of the trial period of 4500 rpm, which is not much different.

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