1 thought on “Which stores are better in Pinduoduo?”

  1. Personally, I recommend buying seven days without reason, or to buy a platform. Taobao is also a good choice. The quality of the clothes depends on the materials. On Pinduoduo, I only buy the clothes of the flagship store.
    It's precautions of Pinduoduo
    It Pinduoduo is a shopping software, which is similar to Taobao. When using Pinduoduo, you can pay attention to the following points. If you can do all these points, then you can become an excellent Pinduoduo user.
    It points 1, Pinduoduo can be shopped, shopping is much cheaper than buying alone.
    The point 2, if you pay on Pinduoduo with a credit card, then you must pay the credit card on time, otherwise you can no longer use a credit card to pay on Pinduoduo. The third Pinduoduo can buy a monthly card. After buying a monthly card, there will be a certain discount, and it will be cheaper when shopping.
    The know:

    Puoduo is also a large e -commerce shopping platform with many users. So Pinduoduo also supports a variety of payment models, which is also to attract more customers.
    It currently there are three types of Pinduoduo's payment channels: the first is Alipay payment, the second type is WeChat payment, and the third type is online banking payment. So if there is no Alipay in your phone, you can pay via WeChat, if you log in from WeChat to Pinduoduo. Then you can only use WeChat payment, which cannot be paid by Alipay.
    and you can also send this order to WeChat friends and let WeChat friends pay for you.

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