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  1. The beeswax is a variety of amber. It is known as the "Millennium Amber, Wannian Beeswax" in the folk. It is an ancient royal gemstone. However, beeswax really started in the Chinese market three years ago. Shenzhen, as a distribution center for beeswax, has sprung up in three years, various processing manufacturers and workshops have sprung up. So, what is the sales of these beeswax? Look at our reporter's investigation in Shenzhen. Origin from: National Cultural Market Research and Evaluation Center
    The boss Wu from Guangzhou has been engaged in beeswax processing and wholesale. When the reporter visited the market, he happened to meet him to come and see the goods. Boss Wu told reporters that the beeswax market has been particularly hot in the near future, and more and more customers order with him, so they came from Guangzhou early in the morning.
    Strophic beeswax wholesaler Wu told reporters: Now it takes dozens of kilograms a month. I just started to get less because of the raw materials. Now, as long as there are good raw materials, you can get it.
    The boss Wu was originally processed by obsidian. In the past few years, occasionally, a colleague asked him if he would do the finished product processing of beeswax. Later The beeswax processing, and then a wholesale business. Since 2010, the beeswax has begun to appear, so he launched the original master of emerald and obsidian processing to make beeswax with him. Nevertheless, Boss Wu's beeswax orders could not be done.
    Mu Boss Wu, wholesaler Wu, told reporters: In recent years, amber beeswax orders have increased by 40 %. I now only make orders for old customers. The beeswax market is so good, I only make an old customer order now.
    The changes in the beeswax market in the past three years, and many businesses entering the Chinese beeswax market have also felt the same.

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