3 thoughts on “What does a woman mean a ring?”

  1. If your relationship is getting more and more stable, she proposes that the ring is prompting you, you should get married! If you don't get along for a long time, she must think calmly when she makes a request!

  2. The more popular internationally wearing method is:
    Forefinger-want to get married, indicating unmarried;
    Miler-already in love;
    无n little finger-indicates that alone.
    The people who are wearing in the ring finger, have no ambitions, easy -to -earn, and do not care about gains and losses.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer a woman to show your love to you. For example, she originally had a lot of rings of jewelry. If you want you, you may be purely a gift. If you want a big diamond, it means a little to marry; if she has jewelry, but there is no ring, and the diamond is the diamond again. The ring, the marriage is more obvious; if you are a big model, she may want a big diamond ring to change the money (I have seen this in the store, and fancy a one of more than 20,000, call the big money to make money, call After the money is finished, I will not buy it, buy a five thousand running), and may also urge marriage;

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