1 thought on “The Asian Jewelry Federation of the Asian Cultural Development Committee of the Asian Jewelry Federation”

  1. The Asian Jewelery Federation has achieved worldwide attention from Nanyang to Beijing to Asia, which has made worldwide attention. The achievements of these achievements are inseparable from the care guidance of the party and state leaders. The center has given selfless assistance; especially the Henan Provincial Diqin First Hospital has been supporting help since 1979, which has caused the most lofty respect!
    according to the Asian and Pearl Code of Association, the General Assembly is the highest power agency, and the chairman is the president. One person, a number of vice presidents. There are councils and supervisors.
    President: Liu Ji Executive President: Gao Guogang
    Council Chairman: Li Jinsong Executive Chairman: Guo Zhongqiao
    Chairman of the Supervisory Committee: Wu Central
    Secretary -General: Zhao Shulin
    Li Zhaoxing Li Jinsong Guo Zhongqiao Zhu Xuecheng, Wu Xigui Zhao Shulin Yang Ziwen Mengxian Song Jiang Fengying Luan
    Chen Yanzhang Niu Ruyi Wang Zhan Kui Zhao Xiaochen Han Mei Wang transferred to Beijing
    Li Guojiao set up five rooms and one room under the Asianzhu joint office:
    office, organization department, outside Joint, training department, exhibition department, consulting department.
    branch institutions: Asianzhu joint Beijing representative office; Asianzhu Alliance China Bao Jade Culture Research Society; Asianzhu Federation Gold Jewelry and Jade Manufacturers; Association; Asianzhu Alliance Stone Association; Asianzhu Lianjian Anti -Play Association; Asianzhu Federation Jade Chamber of Commerce; Asianzhu Jewelry Education Committee; Asianzhu Alliance Pearl Association; Asianzhu Lianjian Gold Association; Asianzhu Lianjie Design Association; Asianzhu Lianbao Treasure Jade Speaker Committee; Asianzhu Jewelery Evaluation Committee; Asianzhu Lianjian Jade Research Association; Asianzhu Lianjian Cultural Artists Association; Asianzhu Lian Su Dongpo Painting and Calligraphy Institute; Asianzhu Lianlian Talent Exchange Center; Asianzhu Lianzhong Sino -Japanese Jewelry Friendship Association; Yazhuo Friendship Association; Asia Zhu Lian Ningxia Representative Office (branch).

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