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  1. The plan is used to guide you what to "do", and what is done for a period of time; SOP is a step of complex and trivial matters, and write down one by one to guide you "how to do" and let it standardize it. ,Process-oriented. Aimed at a specific thing.
    , and you often do this, write SOP (standard operation program), you will know what to do and precautions every step when doing things. The key steps are missing, no errors, and very high efficiency.
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    Okay, start a demonstration article. You can refer to the cold chestnut and make your own SOP.

    In the time management course of Teacher Chen Huawei, for the first time in the SOP concept, the following is his chestnut:
    The example is running as an example. There are many miscellaneous things before running. What needs to be pondered includes: what clothes, what running shoes to wear, and to run in the gym, including slippers, bath towels, shampoo, shower gels, mobile phones and headphones, and so on.

    If you build a SOP and prepare a sports package, things will be simple.
    MOP before going to the gym:
    each time you take it (placed in a fixed position): change clothes, towels, water
    bathing bags: shampoo, shower gel, bath flower, facial cleanser r r r r r r r r r
    Sports packs: slippers, headphones, password locks, keys, change
    This to write down these, there are mobile phones or posted on the wall. Every time you go to the gym, you can do it one by one. Forgot to bring things. Moreover, the efficiency of packing things is particularly high.
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    This is a relatively easy -to -operate SOP. In the previous article, it was cold. What is important is to learn to use the concept of SOP and to form a "closed loop" (with the hard work of the beginning and end).
    It is a chestnut with a relatively complex large SOP concept. It demonstrates a reading SOP:
    The Word documentation (other software, such as Taoyun notes) Treatment of reading. The following are completed in this document, and can be recorded according to your own habits.
    1. 9 pm on the 1st month on the 1st (set alarm clock prompt), decide which books to be read this month, recorded in the document, and look at these books; otherwise Do not read other books;
    2. Next night from 9 to 11:00 (set alarm clock prompt), completely used for reading;
    3. , I only read one book for a while until this book is read; and I recorded in the document: what book is reading today and how many pages are read; real -time updates;
    4. Line, and on the small book, you can record your notes (P47, P89, etc.), and quickly check the note after convenience;
    5. Take a complete time, extract the notes, or take a picture with a photo to archive; or leave the book directly in the book, just put the recorded pages in the book; Immediately arrange the time and frequency of review: you can review the notes of this book, record it in ANKI, and then review Anki regularly, it will automatically arrange the appropriate review time interval. (This point, I mentioned in an article about "closed loop" before)
    The compared to the progress of each book, look at the progress of this process.
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    Fat friends, this is the general process (SOP) of cold per month (SOP) (specific reading time is virtual); this process is not high at all without any creativity , But if you do it, you can avoid many problems when you read:

    The books you want to read a lot. Read this book for a while, read that book for a while, and think about which book for a long time?

    has not read a book for several days. When you pick it up, you forget where you read it, and you don’t even remember what you wrote before; I have never picked it up again, and it ’s not because you do n’t like to read it, just because you are not arranged;

    have done a lot of notes, and the result is forgotten; R n…
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    Okay, through the simple SOP of the previous run, and the cold complex version of SOP, fat friends should understand how SOP operates.
    In the final analysis, the important thing is the concept: For a specific task, write down the detailed steps and rules from beginning to end to allow it to standardize and process; follow this standard operation program to do things, and you will not think of where you think of where you think of where you think of. Which step is to do in one step and forget the previous situation in the back. The efficiency is higher, and the effort paid can have a head and tail to get feedback.
    sop seems to be unparalleled and very cumbersome. Its most important role is to allow the task to follow from beginning to end. that's enough.
    We we like to pursue creative things; and to do one thing, the real key is often the non -creative tedious details are implemented.

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